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Rod Kagy

Rod serves Elemental Renewal in a strategic and advisory role in the areas of project finance strategy and technology systems integration.   Rod is the Managing Director for MEAH Global. As Managing Director, he is responsible for leading the implementation of the Vision and Mission. He has extensive experience as a successful Fortune 100 Executive, Entrepreneur, and Business Management leader.    He also serve’s and has served as an adviser for start-ups in International development, alternative fuels, green energy, housing, and health care. Rod specializes in New Business Development, project implementation and with an exceptional ability to provide creative solutions to achieve desired results.   His diverse background in Agriculture, Technology, new business Development, and corporate leadership bring a unique skill set to our company. Most notably he served in various leadership positions and global agriculture and Biotech giant Ciba-Geigy where he achieved four promotions in five years.   As a co-founder of Precision Foods, he served as the Vice-President of Technology Development where we helped to provide innovative solutions to large Bio-Tech firms like Monsanto, Dow, and Koch.  


The real estate and economic collapse of 2008 led to a complete restructuring of priorities.  This difficult season led Roderick to ask the questions and spend enormous amounts of time in prayer and contemplation about "What is really important?  "What is really needed?”  "What is the best way to invest your life's time and resources?"   "What am I most passionate about?"  The answers to these questions have led him to passionately pursue the vision, values, mission of MEAH Global.


Current projects consist of developing Renewable Energy projects in North and Latin America, housing and water resources in Africa and Central America, Bio Fuels production in East Africa, and various Agriculture and energy sector projects throughout Africa.



Rod is passionate about holistic and sustainable community development and is currently leading development efforts in several countries.   Roderick has been a member of C-12 Group in the DC Metro area, A Christian CEO organization.  Over the past several years, Rod and his family have made investments into orphanages, rescue ministries that help trafficked children, and help support numerous missions groups around the world.  


He is an enthusiastic leader who brings positive energy, wisdom, and strong leadership into each opportunity. 

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